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What's an After-Wedding-Shoot?

Aktualisiert: 18. März 2020

Many bridal couples want to be there for their guests throughout the wedding day. They do not want to keep them waiting during the coupleshoot at their wedding venue in Austria. That's where the so called after wedding shoot comes into play.

Basically you get your beautiful wedding dress and groom suit out of the wardrobe and then have all the time in the world for your couple pictures. Even if you got some special location in mind for your couple session (e.g. photos at a mountain, lake, wedding photos at the see etc.) Then the after wedding shooting is a wonderful opportunity. Maybe also at the location of your engagement?

Due to the further journey to some places on the wedding day it's simply difficult to take relaxed romantic couple photos. Maybe your wedding venue in Austria does not have the places you want for your shots.

With an after wedding photo session, you are also not dependent on the weather and you can choose a day with a beautiful sunset. It would be also a nice gift to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.

For the grooms out there: What do I give to my newlywed wife for the first wedding anniversary? :)

We did the following shoot with Meli & Richi in October 2018 at the Saualpe in Lavanttal, a small mountain in the south of Austria. A wonderful location for wedding photos or your mountain wedding in Austria/Carinthia.

These two were very brave - it does not look like it, but the temperature was just 0 °C! The photos have become really fantastic! But enough text, now we let the photos speak :)

We love everything about the pictures, THAK YOU!!

Bridal bouquet: selfmade by Rene & Steffi

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