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The Rural - Our Photos of the Live-Shoots

Aktualisiert: 18. März 2020

In the previous blog post we told you what the "Rural Workshop" in Spain is all about. Here we would like to show you some results from the live-shoots!

We start with the workshop of the great Nadia Meli!

Here you can find the instagram channels of all vendors and models, which made the shoot possible. Couple @mislene_montoro  & @marc.juls  Wedding Planner @wplidiaruiz Flowers @bancellsfloristes  Furniture @abanik_rent_events  Dress @odetsauc  Dress @ruedeseinebridal  Styling @cocoderiquer_bridalstylist  Styling @dulcewedding 

No let's take a look at the pictures...

In any case SORRY to everyone who can only think of a beach wedding from now on! ;-)

The next pictures are from the workshop with The Ferros, the photographer couple Nico & Vinx. It was very inspirational to see the different approaches of the speakers. Great for the further development of our own photography!

Steffi also attended a workshop by Kristen Marie Parker, a great photographer from the USA.

Model @LolitaBindyuk Dress @PaolaCarolina Styling @Dulcewedding Flowers @NiceFlowers Textiles @WarmandWild Wedding Planner @Slowl

Last but not least, a black and white series from the shoot with the wonderful Elisabetta Marzetti.

We are curious if you love those pictures as much as we do!

However, the photos from the shoots are only a small part of lasting memories ... Even more valuable for us were the experiences that we made and that we were able to share with the speakers and the other participants!

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