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The Rural Workshop - Barcelona - Santa Susanna

Aktualisiert: 18. März 2020

So... what is "the Rural"?

That's what we thought when we first heard about it from Julia & Gil in their podcast in mid-2018.

Well, we did some research on the internet and immediately after that we booked it!

The Rural Workshop is basically a camp for photographers and videographers from all over the world in Santa Susanna / Spain, right next to the sea. Workshops and live-shootings with international speakers, photographers and videographers. And in addition a lot of incredibly great relationships with like-minded people from all over the world. Everything paired with Spanish mentality and serenity. We were really looking forward to this thing!

Fortunately, we still got tickets - 2019 was the last edition of the Rural! The weekend before the workshop we did a little citytrip to Barcelona, because we absolutely love this city :-) On Sunday before the workshop, we met some other photographers who have arrived before in Barcelona. The view from the Carmel Bunkers in Barcelona is just mindblowing! Sunset over the rooftops of Barcelona, ​​live music and one or two San Miguel beers. Yes!

On Monday we travelled to Santa Susanna by train, where we moved to our cozy bungalow for the next days. First row down to the sea :-)

What we experienced on site, the people we met and the content exceeded all of our expectations!

In the next blog posts we show you some results of the shooting workshops, so stay tuned ...

Many thanks to Meltem for organizing the meetup in Barcelona and the beers :-)

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